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  • The Greatest Gift

    The Gift of Life

    I gave it to you many years ago
    Nurtured you and helped you grow
    The gift of life is a priceless thing
    And in exchange I expect nothing
    Enough to see the life you live
    The gift of life was mine to give

    Marian Barker©

  • Transport of Delight


    Wrap me in a gossamer sheet of silver stars
    Enfold me in a silk cocoon
    Take me in your arms tonight
    Beneath a golden moon

    Cover me with a thousand kisses
    Surround me by your love
    Transport me with rapture
    To paradise above

    Marian Barker©

  • At 3am


    Be still you restless ghosts
    Haunting my sleeping hours so

    Be quiet you mocking ghosts
    Taunting me, causing me woe

    Be gone you hurtful ghosts
    Haunting me endlessly ~ GO

    Marian Barker©

  • Rather odd but .......


    See me
    Be me

    Tend me
    Mend me

    Feed me
    Need me

    Show me
    Know me

    Tease me
    Please me

    Undress me
    Caress me

    Soothe me
    Smooth me

    Hold me
    Enfold me

    Halt me
    Fault me


    Deceive me
    Leave me
    Don’t patronise me!

    Marian Barker©

  • A Friend in Need

    Troubled Soul

    Oh troubled soul please do tell
    What makes your life a living hell?
    Please talk to me with all your heart
    And tell me when did it all start?

    Oh troubled soul it hurts me so
    To see you and to never know
    What makes you sad and makes you cry
    Please try and give the reason why

    Oh troubled soul you’re not alone
    I haven’t got a heart of stone
    I cannot guess just how you feel
    But talking often helps things heal

    Oh troubled soul I’d like to aid
    I hate to see you so dismayed
    Problems shared become less whole
    So share with me oh troubled soul

    Marian Barker©

  • Deadlier than the Male

    The Temptress

    Cascading locks and ruby red lips
    Dazzling eyes and swaying hips
    Men fall at her feet in adoration
    Mesmerised by this creation
    Drinking in every word she says
    Forever singing of her praise
    Sitting there beneath her table
    Eating crumbs when ever able
    Eagerly pandering to each whim
    Chanting her name just like a hymn
    Blinded by beauty oblivious they stand
    Not realising that this is all planned
    The temptress has power second to none
    A toss of her hair and the temptress is gone
    And there in her wake prostrate they lie
    Giving themselves up and ready to die
    The temptress looks back once or twice
    Despising the pitiful human sacrifice
    The ruby red lips still on her face
    Parted, revealing an evil grimace
    The beautiful façade did cleverly hide
    A more sinister, cruel person inside

    Marian Barker©

  • Says it all.....

    Clear and Simple

    What you see is what you get
    Even though we haven’t met
    What you get is what you see
    You simply get the real me

    Marian Barker©

  • Thoughts at the Bus Stop


    One date that was all
    With a pleasant man
    One word said it all
    Ended before it began
    One thought came to mind
    Was it cruel or was it kind?
    “Epilogue” no right to reply
    “Epilogue” or “Goodbye”

    Marian Barker©

  • The Ripple Effect

    Ripples in the Pool

    Like a pebble he dropped
    And shockwaves radiated
    He couldn’t have known
    What his action created
    Yet the ripples go on
    Years after that day
    Touching so many lives
    In so many a way
    Questions unanswered
    Thoughts left unsaid
    Silent and painful
    In everyone’s head
    A mother, a sister,
    A friend and a brother
    Children having to cope
    One way or another
    Some just didn’t make it
    And drowned in their sorrow
    Yet those ripples extend
    Into every tomorrow
    Ripples in the pool
    Still go on and on
    A constant reminder
    Of one who is gone

    Marian Barker©

  • Friendship

    A Constant Companion

    No drama, no fuss, honest and true
    A friend who means the world to you
    No airs or graces, constant and calm
    Nothing they do would do you harm
    Caring and sharing, loving and kind
    Always living with you in their mind
    A constant companion loyal to the end
    Someone special, a dear lovely friend

    ©Marian Barker

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