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  • My Personal Protest.....

    Starts right now!

    I will not post, read or comment on any blog or group here at until Tuesday 26th June


  • A Sizzling Read

    The Book

    I took a book from off the shelf
    And started reading it to myself
    A hefty tome yellow with age
    I trembled as I turned each page
    My eyes widened with surprise
    As graphic scenes met my eyes
    A heady mix of every fashion
    Written with heaps of passion
    Loins and legs are everywhere
    Breast and bellies are laid bare
    Page on page of steaming flesh
    Hot and spicy and very fresh
    Descriptions are very earthy sounding
    Beatings, trussing and even pounding
    Fruity sections so revealing
    Feeding senses and appealing
    My appetite is now heightened
    Making me so very frightened
    I put the book back on the shelf
    Trying so hard to restrain myself
    I really shouldn’t have taken a look
    At old Mrs Beeton’s cookery book

    ©Marian Barker

  • Weathering the Storm

    Self Defence

    My defences are down and there at my feet
    Broken by fierce battering storms that beat
    Crumpled and bloodied there they lay
    Waves dashing over them day after day
    Washed by the tides and in their wakes
    Breakers and boulders my spirit takes

    Helpless I lay and yield for a while
    Then start to rebuild smile by smile
    Stronger foundations are quickly laid
    Fortitude and courage are displayed
    Day by day new defences are built
    And the broken pieces sink in the silt

    ©Marian Barker

  • There's none so blind

    Open and Closed

    Eyes that don’t see
    Ears that don’t hear
    Blissfully insulated
    Closed to everything near

    Eyes that won’t see
    Ears that won’t hear
    Minds that are closed
    Through ignorance or fear

    Eyes that can’t see
    Ears that can’t hear
    Are open and waiting
    To receive loud and clear

    ©Marian Barker

  • A Bitter Aftertaste

    Witch's Brew

    Hubble bubble toil and trouble
    See the witch’s cauldron bubble
    Hints of truth though just a few
    Go to make the witch’s brew
    Simmered with a venomous bile
    Served up with a twisted smile
    Taste if you must but if you do
    The witches brew will poison you

    ©Marian Barker

  • Sh........

    In Praise of Silence

    In the stillness not a sound
    Silence fills the air around
    No noises beating at my head
    Only calm and peace instead
    Free from noise and set apart
    In silence I can hear my heart

    In the stillness not a sound
    In my head ideas abound
    Nothing to disturb my muse
    Or to detract or to confuse
    Free from toil and daily grind
    In silence I can free my mind

    ©Marian Barker

  • A special place

    That Quiet Somewhere

    Turmoil will cease
    In that quiet somewhere
    I find peace

    Nothing can harm
    In that quiet somewhere
    I find calm

    Where I like to be
    In that quiet somewhere
    I find me

    ©Marian Barker

  • Rambling

    A Walk Around My Head

    I looked around my head today
    To see what I could throw away

    In a corner I found memories
    In another were lessons learnt
    And hidden there right at the back
    Some things that needed burnt
    I brushed away the cobwebs
    And tidied things in heaps
    Piles and piles to throw out
    And others there for keeps

    Good memories are here to stay
    I’ll look again some other day

    ©Marian Barker

  • Never the twain shall meet

    My Never Ever Land

    In this fantasy land where we reside
    We will never be able to turn the tide
    Never ever will we meet face to face
    Never ever will our bodies embrace
    Never ever will you call me your own
    And I must forever live my life alone
    Our lives will go on this way forever
    Despite all who say “Never say never”

    ©Marian Barker

  • So you think you know me?


    The world is my stage
    People think they know me
    But the real person is hidden
    Behind a mask of tragedy

    The performer you see
    Simply wraps a mantle round
    To disguise her angst and sadness
    Tragic yes - but profound

    Peek behind the cloak
    Then perhaps you’ll see
    Behind this velvet shield
    And recognise the real me

    The world is my stage
    People think they know me
    But the real me is hiding
    Behind a mask of comedy

    The clown you see
    Simply paints on her smile
    She finds a face within a box
    And wears it for a while

    Peek behind the scenes
    Then perhaps you’ll see
    Behind the elaborate façade
    And recognise the real me

    Perhaps when the show is over
    You’ll look back and you will see
    That it was all just one big charade
    You never did know the real me

    ©Marian Barker

  • England-v-France

    This was first blogged 4 years ago and I know it's about Rugby but as England and France are playing footie tonight I thought I'd play the poetic licence card and post it again!!!!!

    Paris Match

    I’m now a European
    I live in rural France
    My life is so much richer
    I’m glad I took the chance

    Now life is usually quiet
    And nothing much occurs
    But the other night, our local
    Was the busiest yet for years

    On one side sat the *‘froggies’
    With their tricolours unfurled
    And then there were the *‘roast beefs’
    From quite a different world

    The room fell hushed and silent
    As they watched the game begin
    Both groups of supporters confident
    That their team, of course, would win

    The French group was the largest
    As you would, I’m sure, expect
    The Brits all here on foreign soil
    Must show their hosts respect

    They sat there with stiff upper lips
    And tried to keep their poise
    Whilst surrounded by the *‘froggies’
    Making such a dreadful noise

    Towards the end a change of mood
    When it was becoming clear
    That England might just win it
    So the Brits gave out a cheer

    Then with every passing minute
    They started getting smugger
    On Saturday in our French local
    When England beat France at rugger!

    ©Marian Barker

    * please note the words 'froggies' and 'roastbeefs' (rotiboeufs) were terms used by the French supporters

  • Be very aware!

    Feeding the Monster

    Beware of the monster with green scary eyes
    It will creep up and give you a nasty surprise
    You may think it is sweet and won’t be a threat
    But be very careful you’ve seen nothing yet
    The monster will lull you into feeling secure
    Then quickly turn round and hurt you for sure
    It pretends it’s the best friend you’ve ever had
    Then laughs in your face and makes you feel bad
    It thrives on attention and it’s a true parasite
    Waiting ready and eager to give you a bite
    It will feed on your emotions and suck you dry
    Then slink into its cave and leave you to cry
    Early next morning it will appear large as life
    Smiling quite sweetly and yet holding a knife
    It will pierce your heart with a cruel twist
    And toss you aside with a flick of its wrist
    Moving on with a flourish to fresher prey
    That will feed the monster for another day

    ©Marian Barker

  • Not just skin deep


    Beauty of spirit transcends all human form
    It craves no attention, it’s smooth and warm
    Needing no enhancements or artificial aids
    The natural beauty of spirit never fades

    Beauty of spirit is like nothing on earth
    It’s priceless yet underestimated in worth
    Immeasurable value and most understated
    Modestly beautiful and yet never inflated

    Beauty of spirit defies the passing years
    Ageless and flawless and so it appears
    Youthful and lively, happy and gay
    Beauty of spirit does not go away

    ©Marian Barker

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