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  • One for Keggy

    Once again apologies to Wordsworth and to those of my blogfriends who have read this on more than one occasion!!!

    “Dandelions” (2007)

    I wandered lonely up my drive
    That leads to fence of irons
    When there at once I saw them thrive
    A load of golden dandelions
    Beside the drive, beneath the sky
    Those acursed flowers made me cry

    Unlike the glorious daffodil
    The poet loved and knew
    They defiantly stood proud and still
    And knew what I had to do
    A million weeds smirked you see
    Mocking faces laughed at me

    The pretty daisies grew but they
    Did not my patience try
    I remembered how I used to play
    The daisy chains I used to tie
    I stood – and stood – and then I thought
    Those dandelions should go – they ought

    I sat upon my new lawnmower
    And pondered was I right
    To use this machine with huge horsepower
    And trample everything in sight
    And for a moment I almost stopped
    But the very next minute the grass was cropped

    ©Marian Barker

  • Envy

    After reading Janet's post this morning I thought I'd re-post the following:

    The Green Eyed Monster

    It raises up its ugly head
    Disfigured and distorted
    Narrow eyes grow larger
    And bitter mouth contorted
    Snarls and sneers at everyone
    That dares get in its way
    Closing mind as well as ears
    To what others have to say
    Its face becomes twisted
    Like a gargoyle of stone
    “Nobody likes me”
    It’s often heard to moan
    Convinced that others lives
    Are far richer than its own
    A gnarled finger pointing
    And resentment has grown
    It isolates itself from everyone
    A grotesque image sad but true
    Wondering why it sits all alone
    Pernicious ideas permeating through
    Negativity eating at its very soul
    The green eyed monster’s jaundiced view

    ©Marian Barker

  • A house is not a home


    An empty building without a soul
    She was the one who made it whole
    A vacant space without a heart
    Her time had come, we had to part
    Now she’s gone it’s bricks and mortar
    Electric, gas and running water
    Doors and windows firmly closed
    Furniture has all been disposed
    All that’s left are walls and roof
    No more a home and that’s the truth
    An empty building without a soul
    She was the one who made it whole

    ©Marian Barker

  • What dreams are made of

    Sweet Dreams

    I dreamt I was a princess
    With ringlets in my hair
    Living in a golden castle
    With pretty clothes to wear

    I slept on feather pillows
    On sheets of purest silk
    Dreaming everyone was happy
    And cows gave flavoured milk

    I rode a big white charger
    Across the skies so blue
    Jumping over fluffy clouds
    Whilst looking at the view

    I walked the Milky Way
    As the light began to fade
    Peeping at the twinkling stars
    To see how they were made

    I saw the angels’ faces
    I heard the angels’ song
    “Enjoy sweet dreams” they told me
    “For morning won’t be long”

    ©Marian Barker

  • Naughty but nice!


    It’s wicked being wicked
    And so good being bad
    Behind a cape of sanity
    I can be really, really mad
    It’s crazy being crazy
    You should try it once or twice
    It makes a change from boring
    And very, very nice!

    ©Marian Barker

  • It could be you!


    Who will dry my tears when no-one sees me cry?
    When sadness like a river pours out of my eye

    Who will take my hand when I feel loss and low?
    When no-one is aware that I have nowhere to go

    Who will share my dreams and hold me for a while?
    When no-one knows just what will make me smile

    Who will make me laugh and happy every day?
    When no-one stays they just turn and walk away

    With so many questions beginning with ‘who’
    Perhaps one day that someone could be you?

    ©Marian Barker

  • Spicey says relax........

    Stay a While

    Stop and let the world hurtle by
    Gaze towards the clear blue sky
    Stay a while ~ no need to go
    Sit and watch the flowers grow

    ©Marian Barker

  • S.O.S

    This was sparked off by a comment I recently read on BCUK

    The Mundane Sea

    In tranquil safety, carried along by its tides
    Not being battered and beset from all sides
    A blissful position some folk would suggest
    Saying “of all worlds you must have the best”
    Cruising along and enjoying the view
    Plenty of time with simply nothing to do
    I’m feeling frustrated how can I explain
    How awful it is, how I hate the mundane
    I need some excitement to bring me alive
    A challenge or aim for which I can strive
    I ache for a tempest to throw me about
    To make me scream and make me shout
    I know I sound selfish I shouldn’t complain
    But rescue me soon from this sea of mundane

    ©Marian Barker

  • Women Beware!!!

    The Whisker Wizard

    He’s cousin to the tooth fairy
    And when her work is done
    He then starts planting whiskers
    I suspect it’s just for fun
    He hides inside the wardrobe
    Or underneath my bed
    Until I’m sound asleep
    And resting my weary head
    Right there in the darkness
    He works through the night
    Then tiptoes softly away
    Long before it gets light
    He plants them at random
    All over my chin
    Black ones and white ones
    Fat ones and thin
    Straight ones and curly ones
    And some in between
    That bad whisker wizard
    So cruel and mean
    So shut all the windows
    And lock all the doors
    And don’t let him in
    To plant them on yours!

    ©Marian Barker

  • Written for Aimée

    The Handkerchief

    There are flowers in the corner
    The one that’s edged with lace
    To remind me of that someone
    Time never can replace

    A funny sort of souvenir
    With memories you leave
    Because you always kept one
    Tucked up inside your sleeve

    You’d take it out to dry your eyes
    And wipe a tear or two away
    But always tears of happiness
    Whenever I would stay

    Those flowers in the corner
    Will fade I guess I know
    But not the lovely memories
    Because I loved you so

    ©Marian Barker

  • Dear John .......

    Dear John Masefield

    I must apologise to you once again.

    You may recall that a while ago I wrote "Sale Fever" influenced by your good self's work and today I simply couldn't resist the following. Sorry!

    Respectfully yours


    Fitness Fever

    I must go down to the gym again, after the lovely buns and a scone
    And all I need is some leggings and a tee shirt to put on
    And some trainers and a headband and a holdall to put them in
    And I could do with some easy exercises to help me getting thin

    I must go down to the gym again, for I’m feeling rather wide
    As I took one look in the mirror I just sat down and cried
    And all I want is a trim taut tum without my even trying
    And to see myself in the mirror without a fear of crying

    I must go down to the gym again, it’s only five minutes away
    Past the cake shop and the sweet shop that I go to everyday
    And all I ask is for less belly and less flab around my hips
    And to still eat all my favourites like lovely fish and chips!

    ©Marian Barker

  • For BDA

    This is a little something I wrote in 2010

    Joie de Vivre

    Today I shall slip off my clothes
    And dance in the rain
    And let the raindrops cover me
    Like sparkling champagne
    I shall wear the rain
    As sequins in my hair
    I will chase rainbows
    I won’t have a care
    I’ll be thankful for life
    And the joy it can bring
    For a daily renewal
    The resurrection of Spring

    ©Marian Barker

    ps ... I'm sure I have another one about dancing in the rain but I can't put my hand on it right now!

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