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  • Unforgettable?

    Ah yes … I remember!

    How could I forget that face?
    That lit my world each day
    The one who made me smile
    At everything he had to say

    I recall his kisses on my lips
    And his gentle fingertips
    Running slowly across my hips

    Yes I remember our first date
    And the fact that he was late
    And kissing at the garden gate

    I recollect his eyes of blue
    And all the things we used to do
    And hear him saying “I love you”

    “Forget me not” he often said
    How could I forget that frame?
    That smile, that charm, that wit
    Of you know, what’s his name?

    ©Marian Barker

  • (Wo)Man Overboard!

    My Island State

    “No man is an island”
    I must disagree
    I feel giant waves
    Crashing over me
    Alone in an ocean
    Adrift and at sea

    No sense of purpose
    Don’t feel I belong
    I’m weary and tired
    Something is wrong
    Battered and bruised
    But need to be strong

    Just like an island
    Cut off by the tide
    Remote and exposed
    With nowhere to hide
    Isolated and stranded
    I sat down and cried

    ©Marian Barker

  • Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

    Who said this wouldn't last?

    The Wedding of the Year

    Chav and Dave decided that a wedding was in order
    So they upped and went to Gretna, just across the border
    Wearing matching trackies they really caused a storm
    Sporting fluffy earmuffs whilst trying to keep them warm
    Chav carried a bunch of daisies tied up with a piece of string
    Dave had brought a brass washer to be her wedding ring
    They each promised to be faithful and ‘til death us do part’
    Then they had each other’s name tattooed inside a big red heart
    They ate a bag of fish and chips and wandered down the street
    Then washed it down with Guinness as an extra special treat
    That night they slept beneath the stars so very much in love
    The sky was smiling down at them as was the moon above
    A marriage made in heaven and sealed with a loving kiss
    Dave said to his darling Chav “You’ve made my life such bliss”

    ©Marian Barker

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