I thought BDA might enjoy these two old favourites of mine:

Getting Over You

I missed you so when first I left
I pined for you, I was bereft
I lay each night, an empty ache
Which was still there when I awoke
I couldn't get you off my mind
The evenings were the worst I'd find
I'd sit here with my mug of tea
And remember how it used to be
Just you and me through thick and thin
My favourite in the biscuit tin
It's over now I've found the cure
I don't eat ginger biscuits anymore

©Marian Barker

Breaking Up

Together we shared many sweet warm moments
You were always there when I needed you
You comforted me when days were trying
You shared my happy moments too
Like morning dew you quenched my thirst
You gently kissed my lips when parched
I ache to feel your firm white body
And your silhouette so gently arched
My fingers long to caress your smoothness
To hold you tightly close to me
Now shattered pieces are all I cling to
Since I let you slip so carelessly
I long to warm my lips once more
Whilst drinking from your inner self
But I must go into the world once more
And find another mug on a far away shelf

©Marian Barker