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In the meantime I hope you enjoy the following:

How to Get a Man

I listened to my mother
I heard what she had to say
The words are still as clear
Today as yesterday

She taught me how to bake
She taught me how to cook
She said the way to get a man
Was through a cookery book

I cooked him beef well roasted
Served with a Yorkshire pud
I cooked him golden chicken
It was tasty it was good
I cooked him pork and lamb
Just like mother said I should

And the words that mum had spoken
So many years before
That the way to a manís heart
Was easy, it was sure
It was via his stomach
Just that and nothing more

But still I didnít get my man
I started feeling edgy
Till someone whispered in my ear
Perhaps he is a veggie?
I didnít fancy stuffing marrows
And so bid goodbye to Reggie.

©Marian Barker