How dare she? I know her game! I know what she's up to!

She's jealous! :yes:

She's trying to steal my identity. That's theft in anyone's book! Can anyone recommend a good brief? and I'm not talking pants here!

"Don't do it Victoria - you'll always be Posh Spice"! :yes:

I'm the only "LA Spice" in the blogging world.


When I landed on Planet Blog
I found a world of dog eats dog
A teeming pool beside a bog

I left my craft and off I stepped
I really felt a bit inept
I didn’t boldly go – I crept

The atmosphere was quite mind-blowing
I was unsure where I was going
The wind of change was gently blowing

I soon encountered blogging life
A techno-man, a bored housewife
Each aired views, worries and strife

A whole new language – “Blogonaise”
My brain went numb my eyes did glaze
Am I too old for this new phase?

The natives - as the days unfurled
Were rather friendly, no insults hurled
Instead they welcomed me into their world

I like it here and so I’ll stay
And post more poems another day
I’m a Blogger now I’m growing grey

©Marian Barker