• Thoughts on Mothering Sunday

    Rainbowís End

    Golden sentinels are standing tall
    With backs straight and heads bowed
    In silent respect they guard that place
    Shrouded in the morningís cloud

    I made my way up by the path
    Over stones well worn with time
    Then sat alone to think of you
    And recall that simple rhyme

    When it was time for me to go
    For Iíd been there quite a while
    The sun broke through the gentle rain
    And I saw a daffodil smile

    ©Marian Barker

  • Out on the Town!

    Barbie and Ken

    Painted doll in killer heels
    Heís only as old as the woman he feels
    Ra-ra skirt up to her bum
    Heís already had a peep of whatís to come
    Orange legs a curious shade
    He hopes sheís up for getting laid
    Her mane of hair cascading down
    Heís quite bald just like a clown
    She laughs as though heís told a joke
    The laughís on him the silly bloke
    Behind his back sheís looking bored
    He texts his mate ďI think Iíve scoredĒ
    ďIn his dreamsĒ is what she thinks
    As he wanders off to get more drinks
    Barbie and Ken on Saturday night
    Somehow they donít look quite right
    Painted doll with a plastic smile
    Ken thinks sheíll go that extra mile

    ©Marian Barker

  • I don't believe it!!!! - How old????

    Birthday Thoughts

    Another year has just simply flown by
    And I look myself straight in the eye
    So what will I become from today?
    Older and wiser? I really canít say

    That face in the mirror, who is she?
    Sheís a much older version of me
    Is the image thatís inside my head
    Simply me frozen in time instead?

    And the mirror itís there - mocking me
    Is this really what you all can see?
    A woman who has gone past her prime
    With a face that is now lined with time

    Is the light playing tricks with my mind?
    Casting shadows so dark and unkind
    Must I really face up to the truth?
    That Iíll never recapture my youth

    No - the real me is here in my head
    The otherís an impostor instead
    For sheís growing old gracefully
    And you know that is really not me!

    So Iíll just stay as daft as a brush
    Growing up Ė no thanks - whatís the rush?

    ©Marian Barker

  • Christmas Eve

    Cinderella Syndrome

    Itís the night before Christmas
    And Iíve nothing to wear
    My nails are all chipped
    And thereís grey in my hair

    My friends are out dancing
    Wearing tinsel and holly
    Theyíve been on the booze
    And theyíre happy and jolly

    Iím sat by the fire
    Just like poor Cinderella
    And wonder if Santa
    Will bring me a fella

    Iíve kissed a few frogs
    Iíve met one or two swine
    Whereís that Prince amongst men
    That I can call mine?

    Perhaps in the morning
    Now this sounds quite shocking
    Iíll awake and Iíll find
    A nice man in my stocking

    This is written in fun
    Iím not lonely and sad
    For this year of my life
    Hasnít really been bad

    Iíve got family and friends
    And I have my health too
    Now pass me that broom
    I have housework to do!

    ©Marian Barker

    :wave: A very merry Christmas to all my blogfriends :wave:

  • A time for giving ........

    Christmas in the Forest

    Iíve been invited to a party
    With some special friends of mine
    Who live in the enchanted forest
    Now isnít that just fine?

    Iíve got them all a present
    A token just to show
    That Christmas is so special
    And for giving donít you know?

    I found a little thimble
    In grandmaís sewing tin
    Thatíll make a lovely throne
    Fit for a fairy king

    A little empty matchbox
    With some cotton wool inside
    Makes such a special bed
    For the fairy queen to hide

    Iíve gathered lots of acorns
    And taken off their caps
    I thought they might be useful
    For drinking from - perhaps?

    Iíve collected lots of feathers
    From the chickens in the pen
    Iíd made some tiny duvets
    The elves will be pleased with them

    Iíve put the presents in a pillow case
    And now itís time to go
    For fairy cakes and lemonade
    In the forest, in the snow

    ©Marian Barker

  • Fantasy-v-Reality

    Autumn Gold

    Lay me down on a bed of crisp autumn gold
    Cover me with yourself to keep me from cold
    Whisper sweet nothings into my ear
    Tell me the things that I long to hear
    Caress my body and stroke my hair
    Show me just how much you care
    Linger a while whilst you kiss my neck
    On a mattress of gold beside a still beck
    We lie down on our bed of crisp autumn gold
    Pressed closely together to keep us from cold

    ©Marian Barker
    4th October 2013

    Autumn Cold

    The leaves are fallen all around
    The air is still thereís not a sound
    The water flows still in the beck
    You almost slip and break your neck
    The bed of gold holds no appeal
    Muddy boots with muddy heel
    Yet still we linger for a while
    We share a hug and then we smile
    The fantasy is put to rest
    As I lay my head against your chest

    ©Marian Barker
    30th November 2013

  • Yesterday .....

    A Wednesday Walk

    Autumn lays down her misty shawl
    Across the fells with reverent sigh
    A shroud descends upon the ground
    Mourning summer days gone by

    The waking sun from slumber deep
    Takes up the mantle grey with care
    Revealing crimson, gold and amber
    The colours autumn loves to wear

    The hedgerows burst with berries red
    Goldfinches play in branches bare
    Ducks and drakes float gently by
    Whilst you and I both stand and stare

    Natureís sights and sounds abound
    Bridges frame the changing view
    The waterís edge is a lovely place
    For an autumn walk for me and you

    ©Marian Barker

  • In Remembrance


    Fragile tissues wet with tears
    Remembering loved ones we have known
    Petals falling to the ground
    Back to earth from seeds once sown

    Fragile earth wet with blood
    Shed by loved ones been and gone
    Never forgotten year on year
    From each daybreak to setting sun

    Fragile feelings hurt and pain
    Father, brother, son and friend
    Went to war in hope one day
    That battling would somehow end

    Poppies growing in foreign soil
    Reminds us of all those soldiers brave
    Who went to war but came not back
    But lay forever in some distant grave

    ©Marian Barker

  • On Growing Up

    A Grandmaís Advice

    There are some things that I must say
    Though youíll ignore them anyway
    Thatís just the thing that all kids do
    I would do too ~ if I were you!

    Try to make your childhood last
    For it will disappear so fast
    Donít be in such a great big rush
    For this world of shove and push

    You think adults do as they please
    And that money simply grows on trees
    But you will find before too long
    Itís not the case and you were wrong

    Please slow down whatís your hurry
    To be grown-up with all its worry
    Enjoy each carefree childhood day
    Sing and dance and laugh and play

    Iíll finish now and save my breath
    I know Iíve bored you half to death
    But one day when youíre old like me
    Youíll realise and then youíll see

    ©Marian Barker

  • Talking about Goddesses.......

    The Goddess with Clay Feet

    He called me his goddess
    Treated me like his queen
    Set me on a pedestal
    Where I could be seen
    He showered me with kisses
    He heaped upon me praise
    He worshipped me and promised
    To stay with me all my days
    He thought I was above him
    And he felt so insecure
    I told him that I loved him
    Tried my best to re-assure
    He thought I didnít need him
    He thought Iíd get along
    Without him in my life
    But he was so very wrong
    He found himself a lover
    I really couldnít compete
    He didnít expect me to crumble
    But his goddess had clay feet

    ©Marian Barker

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